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What Is It:

Lumen is the measurement unit of illumination or light power. At Lumena, we measure brand power through our Brand Lumen Index. This measure will give you an understanding of how well lit or powerful your brand is today. Is it at a 'high luminous power', and thus working hard for you, or is it at a 'low luminous power', a name and logo but not that much more.

How It Works:

Beyond speaking directly to clients to find out their specific needs up front, our Complimentary Brand Audit can be helpful in identifying a company's potential marketing opportunities for growth. Our audit will assess your brand strength relative to key competition, and current state of Brand Management, namely Strategy, Planning and Execution. For retailers, this also includes an audit of the current state of Category Management. Where possible, it looks at the strength of elements proven to drive brand value for customers, and key customer metrics of acquisition and retention. On a complimentary basis this analysis is done at a high level. We can also provide a deeper analysis as one of our formal products.

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