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Marketing and brand management and advertising consulting and training for small business and retail

Bringing Brands to Life

Are you looking to launch
or invigorate a brand?
Are you a retailer looking
to boost categories?
Do you need to defend
your business against
a competitive entry?
Lumena's BrandAliveTM...
a unique brand
management system
Lumen measures light power
Lumena drives brand power

Lumena... momentum through brand management

Lumena is for organizations who feel they could benefit from formal brand management to take their business to the next level... or to build a new brand properly from the start.
For retailers, this may include formal management of retail categories.

Lumena's offer of Disciplined Brand Launch and Invigoration creates both immediate momentum and lasting strength against competition. Our vehicle is BrandAlive™... our proprietary Brand Management System of Strategy, Planning, and Execution. This means a single-minded brand strategy, targeted marketing planning, and full execution through marketing and the organization.

This system works because it is based on the combined disciplines of Consumer Packaged Goods Brand Management and Retail Category Management, with a systematic focus on driving value for customers. In addition, we take a metrics-oriented approach and illuminate clients on the principles of Brand Management so they can implement it on their own.

Marketing and brand management system with marketing strategy, marketing planning, and marketing execution strategy planning execution

Depending on the current state of your brand, you can utilize the complete BrandAlive™ system or select elements to suit your individual needs. You can start with a Complimentary Brand Audit, which includes identifying your Brand Lumen Index, which measures the power of your brand today.

Lumena drives momentum through Brand Management. Lumena... Bringing Brands to Life

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