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Marketing and brand management and advertising consulting and training for small business and retail

Bringing Brands to Life

Organizational Illumination

Lumena is committed to transferring skills and methods to clients, in order to leave them with a concrete Brand Management System. While our products will be left behind, so too will be the organization's understanding of Brand Management, including retail category management, and their ability to execute it themselves.

At Lumena, Organizational Illumination is driven through:

  • Mentoring - support on a complimentary basis during and post project
  • Courses - pre-designed courses on key principles of Brand Management and specific marketing topics
  • Speaking Engagements - short seminars on customized topics
  • Resources - key Brand Management learnings that will help you run your business better day-to-day


Through our tangible products and organizational illumination, you will be left with not only a stronger brand, but also a concrete system for managing it and building market share over the long term.


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